Glitz and Sham?

Sooo, here we go:

I remember reading once in the memoir of an artist that in order to create something worthwhile you need “to have something you want to say about the world.” While I can no longer place the origin of that quote, it’s something I’ve carried with me for years. Simple, right? A point of view and a medium to express it. Oh, annnd the resources and drive and free time and inspiration and opportunity and space and support annnd…. Okay, maybe not so simple. I’m lucky in that finding my voice came pretty naturally. What I’ve always struggled with, however, is expressing it. That’s what this project is about. 

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 1.33.09 PM

I graduated in May with a BA in Art History, a subject that introduced me to an entirely new and beautiful existence. When asked what we studied, most of us with degrees in the Arts are used to being met with a well-intentioned, “Ohh… what are you going to do with that?” Nearly a year since I wrapped up my final research of 1930s commercial celebrity portraiture, my answer to the question has changed from “I’m going to start,” to, “I hope to start a local non-profit arts organization.” Though the change in syntax is slight, it illustrates a much more drastic change in circumstance. In college, I was lucky enough to spend my time researching the manmade thing that make the world beautiful. Deep pigments, sleek bronze, expressive eyes, heavy impasto. Being so immersed in a world where art meant everything, meant I was separated from the real world in a small town where art tends to be ignored or labeled as elitist. Spending the past ten months working a retail job, far removed from my comfort-zone in the Creative Art Center, I admittedly have seen a slow deterioration of my ambition and, most importantly, my optimism. I guess that’s where this blog comes from, a need to get back to myself and my dreams.

So here, publicly, I want to take back ownership of my future. I might not be living the ‘glitz and glam’ life I had envisioned for myself and I might have taken a few steps backwards or walked in circles for awhile, but hey, that’s life. If you work hard, are kind, and set realistic goals, slowly good things will happen. I’ve always known that, but I somehow lost it along the way. I want to use this blog to challenge myself and keep myself moving in the right direction. I want to use it as a place to discuss the things that inspire me, as well as share my attempts to stay creative and in touch with the art world. Even if no one reads it, it exists and that’s a start.


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